About Us

Flower Moon Nursery was founded by Amanda Taylor in 2022. Amanda’s love of plants and nature began while growing up on a small lake in rural southern Michigan. After earning a bachelor and master’s degree in horticulture from Michigan State University, Amanda moved to North Carolina and spent over a decade with NC State University Cooperative Extension Service working with the nursery and greenhouse industry. While living in western North Carolina, Amanda has developed a deep appreciation for the native flora of the southern Appalachians. In 2022, she began her next chapter and founded Flower Moon Nursery.

Flower Moon Nursery is a retail and wholesale nursery specializing in deciduous azaleas native to the Southeast US. We grow and sell trees, shrubs, and perennials that are native to the Southeast or hard to find in the trade.

We believe in celebrating the beauty of the native plants that are all around us. We propagate most of our inventory, mostly from seed and cutting sources from Western North Carolina. We have a strong focus on producing high quality plants.