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Carolina Hemlock, Tsuga caroliniana

Carolina Hemlock, Tsuga caroliniana

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Discover the timeless beauty and enduring elegance of Tsuga caroliniana, the Carolina hemlock. Perfectly suited for those seeking to enhance their landscape with a native American evergreen, this distinguished tree boasts a graceful pyramidal form, reaching heights of 40 to 60 feet. Its dense, dark green needles create a lush, year-round canopy that offers privacy and shade.

Ideal for woodland gardens or shady landscapes, Tsuga caroliniana thrives in cool, moist environments, particularly along stream banks and in ravines. Admire its slender silhouette and appreciate its adaptability to acidic soils and partial to full shade conditions. Whether planted as a specimen tree or in groupings, the Carolina hemlock adds a touch of natural charm and ecological balance.

Beyond its ornamental value, Carolina hemlock provides essential habitat and food for wildlife, contributing to biodiversity and ecosystem health. 

Order Tsuga caroliniana today and create a tranquil haven with a touch of Appalachian allure in your outdoor sanctuary.


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